How To Support Your Child In Weight Loss

It is not easy to see your child struggling with extra weight. It is not just physical discomfort but emotional exertion too. Kids are really sensitive and as parents it’s your responsibility to facilitate the fat burning process as much as possible. Help your children become comfortable with their body and emotionally safe.  It is of crucial importance to turn to a specialist for help as children’s health can be vulnerable while going through the process of growing up. Consider contacting your healthcare provider, pediatrician, or family doctor to guide you through this way. After all, maybe there are some physical indications of hormone issues you should be aware of.

Talk To Your Child

It’s important to emphasize the word “talk”, not “criticize”. Avoid giving a negative characteristic to a child’s body, especially phrases like “Are you going to eat all of that?”, “You should go on a diet”, or “You don’t seem to lose any weight yet”. Those phrases sound too offensive. Also, avoid any type of jokes about weight, including cute names that implicate having extra weight. For them it doesn’t sound like something nice or kidding – it is a criticism. Because, regardless of its apparent denial, that is exactly what it is.  Don’t know what to say? Say some words of encouragement. Emphasize that you still love your child and that you are proud of his achievements. Try to give them some motivational speeches, they’re gonna appreciate it, something like: “Keep it up, you are on the right path” or “I was so proud to watch how hard you worked out tonight”. Sometimes our words form thoughts and they lead to actions.

Show An Example

Having a model role is very helpful when it comes to changes. Start eating right, work out, read articles on healthy lifestyles and engage your child. It has been proven that reaching your goals with a friend is much easier. The significance of positive role models is clear. When a child has a positive role model, they are more likely to act constructively like the person they like.  Have night walks together with your child. Go to bed on time and prepare healthy snacks. This will definitely do the trick. 

Change Family Habits

Do you have an upcoming weekend? Don’t lie down, watching TV shows all day. Move. Go hiking, play outdoor games, show up at some festival or just work together in the family garden. Play chasing activities like tag or ball games with small kids. Also, do not create an association of holidays only with food. Try to focus on board games, talks, and time together.

Focus on Health

Wellness is a goal, and wellness is a true beauty. Try to pass the same mindset to your kid. Teach them how to appreciate their body. Teach them skills valuable for the lifetime – regular exercise, sleeping schedule, eating at least one fruit and vegetable per day, taking supplements.  If you feel like your child is exhausted you can order a Weight Loss IV Therapy for teenagers. It is a boost of minerals and vitamins that are essential for proper metabolism and supporting energy levels to lose weight. There are some just some restrictions to keep in mind if you want to book a Weight Loss IV drip therapy    
  • Be 12 years or older
  • Have 100lbs or more in body weight.
  • Be willing to get the IV.
  • Have parental consent if you are under the age of 18
Understand that losing weight is challenging for both you and your child. You can make it easier not just by making healthy meals but by changing your perception. Thurn weight loss into a fun journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.