4 Myths about Lice That Just Don’t Die

However, although head lice can be terrorizing, there are some commonly believed myths that make you panic way more than you should. Our lice doctors at Lice Troopers have compiled a list of widely believed myths about head lice that really just need to die out real soon.

Myth #1: Kids With Poor Hygiene Are More Likely To Have Lice

Fun fact: it is completely possible for your child to have multiple baths a day, be extremely clean and still get infested with a bad case of head lice. This widely believed notion about unhygienic habits being the root cause of head lice is inaccurate. In fact, lice actually like clean hair and are more likely to camp out on a cleaner scalp because the hair is easier to hold on to.

Myth #2: Lice Can Jump From Person To Person

Lice are wingless parasites; they can’t jump or fly from one scalp onto another. They are only transferred through direct head-to-head contact or by sharing head accessories. Lice crawl, so only standing near someone who is affected with the infestation doesn’t necessarily put you at risk.

Myth #3: Head Lice Carry Diseases

Annoying as they are, head lice aren’t actually dangerous and do not come with the risk of diseases. They are parasites that transfer from head to head and suck on blood to survive. Head lice infestation is a nuisance that requires careful identification and treatment, but not a disease.

Myth #4: Home Remedies Are The Only Complete Cure For Head Lice

People use various home remedies, such as mayonnaise, petroleum jelly and different kinds of oils to remove head lice. These techniques have no scientific backing to them and are more often than not, very ineffective and just gives more time for the headlice to spread and develop because they aren’t being treated properly. The best way and most foolproof way to treat head lice is through a professional service like Lice Troopers. We provide head lice removal services in Coral Gables. Our skilled team of expert lice doctors in Miami utilize chemical-free treatments to give you lice-free hair. You can either schedule an appointment at the clinic or even set up a house appointment for your comfort. Contact us for more information right away!