Common Questions for After-Lice Treatment Care

Being infested with lice can leave you and your family scratching your heads, both metaphorically and literally. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one! Estimates show that up to 12 million infestations occur annually in the US alone. Many people have aftercare questions regarding lice treatment because they just don’t want to go through that ordeal ever again. While these infestations are more common in the age group of 3 to 11, it’s very easy for the entire family to contract lice. Head Scratching Here are some post lice treatment tips to keep lice at bay:

What if I see lice after treatment?

Although it’s extremely uncommon, lice can survive the treatment and show up again. It’s more likely to happen if you didn’t hire an experienced lice specialist to do the job. If you see lice again after the treatment, repeating the treatment right away should do the trick.

Why is combing regularly important after the treatment?

Combing is essential even after the lice removal. It helps ensure that all nits and lice are gone. If you make a habit of combing regularly after lice treatment, it’ll not only prevent lice from occurring again but also keep your hair clean and healthy. Keep in mind that even after a complete lice treatment, you or your kids could catch lice again from outside.

Do I have to tell others about the lice infestation?

Yes, absolutely yes. Informing your children’s school and any close friends that they may have had contact with, allows them to get rid of lice before it gets everywhere. In fact, failing to notify the school and your kids’ friends also presents the risk of your children getting infested again.

What household items should I clean after the treatment?

While brushes, combs, and hair accessories are the obvious things that need cleaning, you should also clean the bedspreads and pillow covers. When cleaning these items, it’s important to heat them at the maximum recommended temperature. Although it’s reasonable to have concerns after the lice treatment, it’s imperative not to get overwhelmed and have faith in the lice service you hired. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective lice removal service in Plantation or Weston, Lice Troopers offers comprehensive lice removal solutions so contact us now!