Your Kid’s Head Lice Keep Coming Back? Here’s WHY

If you are parent of school-aged children, then you are probably well-aware of the anxiety when they start scratching their head. For most kids, lice seem to have created a lease agreement of sorts; as soon as you think your child is no longer going to encounter those pesky crawlers, there they are again! Lice have been around humans since antiquity, and over the years, they have actually become smarter in evading the effects of general lice treatments. Although kids are more susceptible to lice than other persons, the consistent return of these critters is a cause for concern. If your child’s hair is repeatedly serving home to lice, you may want to look into a few things for avoiding those parasites in the future.

Concealment of Infestation

Head lice in their kids’ heads often put a strain on parents in terms of social standing. It is not uncommon for people to pass blame and judgment on parents of kids with lice, even though home care and hygiene has no link whatsoever to a lice infestation. Having head lice is not equivalent poor hygiene. Know that the embarrassment of head lice is non-viable, and should not be a factor that holds you back from getting your kid’s lice treated.

Over sharing

While sharing is caring, too much sharing is problematic. Your children need to know that some of their belongings are to be kept for personal use only. These include hats, caps, hairbrushes, and even headphones. However, be informed that head lice tend to frail up and die without the shelter of human hair, so sharing things may not be the real cause. The most likely cause is sharing of space, that is, coming in head-to-head contact with others acquainted with these little critters.

Long Group Activities

Summertime or extracurricular activities, such as playground rambles, camping, hiking, swimming, and wildlife adventures, encompass a lot of fun…and a lot of lice. Unlike the confines of a classroom where children are seated apart, outside they come in frequent close contact with their others who have head lice. This includes friends, teammates, and even other family kids. With that in mind, make sure to check your child’s head before and after any of their outdoors adventures. In conclusion, the essentiality of head lice care is awareness. Ignoring symptoms of lice in your child’s hair and disregarding their scratching as mere irritation is a step towards increasing problems, for you, your child, and others around them. At Lice Troopers, we provide safe and effective lice treatments for kids. Out specialists are meticulous yet gentle in their lice removing practices, and will make sure that your child’s hair is lice-free in no time. Make an appointment for your child at our lice removal clinic Winter Park, or call the lice specialist at your home. We also provided excellent lice services throughout Orlando.