How Effective Is Hot Air Treatment Against Head Lice?

If you find yourself encountering head lice for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed and perturbed and deeply troubled. While the frustration is understandable and can also be quite stressful, it’s important to take a deep breath and remind yourself that lice infestations are very common. Even though children between the ages of 3 and 11 are most likely to get lice, it can also be transmitted to adults in the household with head to head contact. There are many treatment options but you should be wary about which ones to choose instead of jumping to all at the same time. Here are a few of the treatment options and their effectiveness.

Over-the-counter treatments

Most lice have become immune to this insecticide treatment and do not respond to it. Getting an OTC drug is the equivalent of you wasting your money and not reaping any benefits either. They are harsh and harmful chemicals that are toxic for everyone, especially children. They are also useless on lice since they remain unaffected by these chemicals.

Home remedies

Most home remedies include suffocation techniques such as covering the scalp with mayonnaise, coconut/olive oil and petroleum jelly to trap the lice on the hair. Theoretically this is meant to “slow” lice down so it is easier to comb them out, however, it has a very limited success rate and does not get rid of nits in the hair, which can still hatch and cause a reinfestation even after the head is washed.

Hot Air treatment

This uses devices such as a heat dryer to dispel heat onto the lice and dehydrate them to kill them. The steps of the treatment involve blasting hot air on the scalp for half an hour to an hour and applying oil to the hair. This is done to make it easier to comb out the dead lice and nits after the treatment is complete. While it is a method that avoids chemicals, and is generally safe, it cannot be used for children under the age of 4. Moreover, exposure to this much heat can also dry out the hair or damage the scalp. This is also time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee 100% results.

What is the best option for you?

Seek professional help by trained technicians who can inspect your scalp and provide thorough treatment with guaranteed results. Lice Troopers offers 100% guaranteed lice-free head after the first visit. For the best lice removal treatment in Weston and Plantation, Florida, contact them at 800-403-5423.