5 habits to keep head lice away

If you find yourself in a situation where there is a head lice outbreak in your child’s school, read on to understand a few basic measures to take which will help you to prevent its spread to your home.

A Herculean Task

Kids will be kids, and they are going to play together, eat together, and study together in their schools and nurseries which make it difficult for you to control the spread. But if you train your children from the beginning to keep the distance and maintain good hygiene habits without making the other kids feel singled out, then you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Teach and Practice Good Habits

To minimize your child’s chances of contracting head lice, start by keeping their personal items private. That means item that comes into contact with the head, hair and even ears. Avoid sharing combs and brushes, hats and helmets, towels, hair accessories like hairbands, headsets, and ear buds.

Don’t Go Head-to-Head

It is natural for kids to occasionally touch each other head to head while they are playing and studying. If you know someone has head lice, then give your child a heads up about it and train them to avoid any head to head contact with the infested child without being mean or rude untila successful lice treatment is employed.

Space It Out

Shared objects and places can be a breeding ground for head lice. Places like closets, lockers, drawers, and clothes hooks make for an attractive and easy opportunity for the head lice to pass from one person to another. Ask your children to hang their coats, scarves and other clothing outside these common areas to avoid coming into contact with head lice.

What to Do When You Know Someone has Head Lice

It is not easy to know who has head lice in a class of 20 students, because it can take up to 6 weeks for head lice to exhibit symptoms of their existence in the form of itching and redness. Sometimes parents notice an infestation before it becomes an epidemic, so it is wise to perform regular checks at home in order detect the problem before it passes on to others.If you know that your child’s classmate has lice, help your child to avoid close contact or the sharing of personal items. In addition to these guidelines, it is essential that you turn to a professional lice removal service as soon as you detect an infestation. Lice Troopers is home to state of the art, chemical free lice removal services in Miami. For further information, please click here.