Lice Removal – Let’s Separate Fact from Fiction!

If you have just been exposed to lice, know that the crawling sensation you’ve been experiencing is more in your head than on your scalp. That’s because it takes about a month fora louse to lay eggs, multiply, and increase in population for you to actually see and feel their family on your head! Let’s start with some basic facts about head lice for you to understand their infestation better:
  • Head lice are incapable of jumping or flying. The sneaky buggers simply crawl.
  • They have a great preference for straight, fine hair over coarse, curly hair.
  • Head lice cannot survive beyond 24 hours away from a human host.
  • They cannot withstand severe cold and hot temperatures.
  • Head lice can hold their breath for up to eight hours—let that sink in.
  • They have tiny legs with claws that help them dig into the scalp and suck blood for survival.
Just like facts, there are some myths and misconceptions revolving head lice infestation that are believed by most people:

Myth#1 – Lice Love Dirty Hair

Head lice aren’t attracted to dirty or greasy hair, indicating that their existence has nothing to do with a person’s poor hygiene. As a matter of fact, head lice like to settle on clean hair. That’s because cleaner hair is easier to clutch and hold on to. Lice are also repelled by strong odors.

Myth#2 – Lice Live Off-Head

Most people think that head lice survive underneath your comforters, pillows and furniture, waiting to find a host head. In reality, head lice cannot stay alive for more than 24 hours without a host head. However, it is a good idea to get your house inspected and cleaned after a head lice removal session.

Myth#3 – Head Lice Walk All The Way to Your Head

Most people think that a louse can crawl from a person’s head, cross the desk, reach the arms and make their way to a new head. The fact is that head lice do not like walking on flat surfaces. Their tiny legs are designed to cling onto the hair shaft and settle on the warm scalp. If you’re thinking about the professional head lice removal New York, you have certainly come to the right place. At Lice Troopers, we have top-notch lice doctors New York who make use of chemical-free, organic and safe products and procedures. Call us now at 347-391-7730 now and schedule an appointment.