4 Reasons your Kid’s Lice Won’t Go Away

All insects are annoying but none are as irritating at lice; firstly, because they are one of the few that feed off you and secondly, because they are so tough to treat. Even after you’ve treated them, there’s no guarantee that they won’t return! They have evolved into super-powerful creatures that allow them to survive through harsh conditions – they can live for at least 2 days without a host and they can go on for 8 hours without breathing! There are many ways to treat lice but only a select few work properly. If you can’t seem to make your child’s lice go away, it could be because of the following reasons:

1)You’re using OTC medication

If you haven’t already heard, lice have developed resistance to 98% of the pesticides that are used in OTC medication. The majority of OTC medication has absolutely no affect on lice anymore. Had the medication worked, it would still not kill nits. Until nits are removed from the hair, it’s not possible to get lice-free.

2)Not getting every member checked

Yes, young children are more vulnerable to lice infestations than others but that’s only because they make it so easy for lice to spread. Lice will enjoy an adult head just as much as they love roaming around your kid’s scalp. Contrary to what some people think, being an adult and having dyed hair doesn’t make you immune to lice. The lice may have come into the house through your child but they could spread onto other heads very quickly too. Trying to get rid of lice? Check everyone’s heads.

3)You’re using home-remedies that are unproven

Home remedies found on the Internet such as using mayonnaise or petroleum jelly to suffocate lice are unproven. Lice can close their breathing holes and survive without breathing for hours forcing parents to leave their kids with mayo or petroleum jelly on their heads overnight. It usually involves covering the kid’s head with shrink wrap or a shower cap, making them terribly uncomfortable. Again, nits are not affected at all.

4)You aren’t nit-picking thoroughly

You cannot remove lice until every single nit is removed. Unless you’re an expert (most parents aren’t), you probably haven’t extracted all of them. Using professional lice removal services is the best solution. At Lice Troopers we have a team of expert nit-pickers that will ensure that every single nit is removed. We provide in-home lice removal services and we’ll inspect and clean your home too. Our customers in Plantation, Florida can also visit us in our lice removal center where we extract lice using natural products and cutting edge technology. We also have a lice-membership program where you will receive free screening, free treatment and more for a small membership fee. Call us up today at 954-652-6101 to book an appointment.