The Unpublicized Dangers of Using Over the Counter Lice Removal Products

If you or someone within the home comes down with a lice infestation, the first thing you would want to do is stop the infestation in its tracks. Keeping this in mind, you might be tempted to go for that seems like the quickest possible fix. In many situations this would come in the form of some sort of over the counter anti lice product.

Over the Counter Anti-Lice Products

You have numerous powders, creams and shampoos lining the store shelves today claiming to be quick and effective lice removal solutions. In a situation where you realize someone in the family has contracted lice, your first course of action should be to visit a lice specialist or treatment clinic. Unfortunately, many of us in the hopes of saving time or getting things done faster might actually go for one of these products.

Are these Products not Effective?

The first thing about removing lice that you need to know is that it is not the kind of process you can take shortcuts through. Especially when dealing with an infestation. There are different over the counter anti-lice products available. Many of these are pesticide based. Others which aren’t are effective against lice and not nits. In any case, even after using these products a meticulous manual lice removal with a comb is required. Furthermore, current research strongly suggests that most lice today have, over the past few days developed what you call insecticide resistance. This as you might have figured renders most pesticide based shampoos and other products you get over the counter rather useless.

How are they Dangerous?

As we have already mentioned, many of the anti-lice products available over the counter contain chemicals used in pesticides. Two of the more common ones include; pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide and phenothrin to name a few. These chemicals are known to be toxic and can cause those applying them to suffer from a range of side effects. Some of these might include skin rashes, irritation, itching, burning sensations as well as dizziness and palpitations. Prolonged exposure may also result in headaches. Furthermore, these products can be nothing short of lethal if used on very young children or people suffering from certain allergies. It would not be advisable to just use one of them without consulting a specialist first as they are dangerous to say the least!


The best way to address a lice infestation or the scare of one is to visit a specialized lice clinic or treatment center. You’ve got numerous reliable lice treatment specialists all over the US from Miami Beach to Hollywood so no need to worry. You’ve got the resources, you just need to know what to do and that’s what we’re here for!