Facts VS Fiction: Lice Edition

If you suspect that you might have lice in your head or your child may have contracted lice from school, you’re probably experiencing mild panic. It’s definitely not a pleasant feeling to know your child brought back lice home or that you got lice from somewhere. It can be embarrassing but there doesn’t need to be stigma around it. It’s fairly common for lice to find a home in your scalp. The American Academy of Dermatology has estimated that 6 to 12 million kids get head lice every year, especially those that fall between the 3 and 12 years age bracket. If a lice outbreak happens, you should be able to separate fact from fiction so you don’t end up seeking solutions from places that are not advised by professionals. Due to the life cycle of lice, it can take about a whole month for a voyaging louse to land and breed in your scalp. Here are some facts which can help you stay informed.


1.Head lice are considerably more attracted to clean heads. A cleaner hair and scalp also means more access to the blood they want to draw from your head. It does not imply that you have poor hygiene. Anyone can get lice. 2.Head lice are the size of a sesame seed or smaller. They also like to live away from the light. This can make spotting them in your own scalp even more difficult let alone another person’s head. 3.Head lice and nits can camouflage themselves very easily especially in hair that is darker shades of brown. 4.Head lice feed on human blood up to 3 times a day which means that if they spend over too long off a head, they are likely to die due to lack of nutrition. 5.Nits that have not hatched yet are not contagious. 6.Lice have become increasingly more resistant to the chemicals in anti-lice shampoos and pesticides which are available over the counter. Hence, these are ineffective solutions to what are now known as super lice. 7.The most common ways to contract lice is through direct head-to-head contact. The odds of other family members contacting head lice are higher should one members’ head get infested.


1.Having lice means you are dirty and unkempt. 2.Lice travel by jumping, hopping or flying to another head. 3.Chemical treatments are safe to use on your own.

What treatment should you seek?

You should always opt for professional services to get rid of lice safely and effectively. At Lice Troopers clinic in Kendall, we offer guaranteed solutions to your lice problems.