Knitting a Foolproof Plan to get rid of Nits!

If you’re parenting a kid who’s between the ages of 3 and 16, you’re probably already a victim of them complaining nonstop, and saying “MY HEAD ITCHES!” This isn’t uncommon; in fact, almost 12 million children in the US of that age group get infested with lice every year! However, if you want your child not to be part of that number, here’s a game plan that won’t make nice with lice!

Set your Timeline Straight!

A louse’s circle of life is fairly short. Their life spans over 28 days, but the cycle can repeat itself at a swift pace if not treated in time. It all starts with a nit that takes around 9 days to hatch. These nits or eggs then grow into nymphs who take only 7 days to reach adulthood. The final stage is an adult louse that can lay up to 10 eggs (nits) per day, multiplying the population by three! This tells you that you have to take the first course of action at the earliest sign of an infestation.

What are the Signs?

head scratching - head lice removal Apart from the apparent head scratching, if your child has become irritable or has difficulty sleeping, they could be suffering from an onslaught of lice! Other signs include soreness and red bumps around the scalp, neck, shoulders and back of the ears. If you notice any of these, take action pronto!

What’s your Plan?

professional head lice removal service Many people rely on over-the-counter anti-lice products; others go for home remedies. However, none of these treatment methods help your child get rid of lice. If anything, they may cause further damage to your child’s scalp and result in severe skin infections. Therefore your plan should be fool-proof and have no loopholes! That leaves you with the safest and the most efficient of all methods: calling in professional help. Reaching out to a lice treatment service near you will save you the trouble of going through multiple methods that treat your child like a guinea pig! Lice removal companies, introduce you to professional lice experts that not only treat your child for a lice infestation but also educate you on how to prevent future outbreaks. At Lice Troopers we offer a full service lice removal treatment in several states and provide our loyal customers with lice-free membership so they can avail our hair lice removal services year round at affordable rates!