How To Prevent Lice in the Heat

If you’re a grown adult and you’ve never had lice you would probably want to keep it that way. Head lice are most common between school going children of the ages 3-11. Adults who tend to interact with children of this age group are more likely to come across a lice infestation in their own scalp occasionally. Once that happens, it likely you wouldn’t even recognize when you have lice breeding in your head. Nits, which are eggs laid by lice, can be very hard to detect since they are really small. Head lice don’t always cause itching in everyone’s head as well because not everyone will have a similar reaction to the saliva from the insects’ bite.

What’s so special about summer time?

Summer time brings with it just as much opportunity for lice infestation if not more. Out of school, your children get to interact with a wider variety of people that are not limited to school only. Your kids may go off to summer camp and make new friends. They will hang out close to each other and lots of secrets will be shared with heads bundled together.

What can you do about it?

Catching lice may seem like bad luck but you can take these simple steps to prevent getting lice in the summer heat.

Get them screened before sending them to a camp

One of the easiest ways to prevent a lice outbreak is to make sure your child is checked by qualified lice professionals before they go to camp where there will be loads of other children. You can even ask the camp if they have a service to screen children for lice during camp. This will make things much easier when it comes to controlling an infestation.

Educate your child

Educating your children about lice will not only make them more cautious but they will be able to identify the pesky critters and be informed enough on how to deal with it accordingly. The first thing they should do is notify an adult. This will also help your child not feel embarrassed or ashamed about the process.

Discourage excessive sharing of hair care products

You can also prepare your children to keep their articles of clothing and other hair accessories separate, just in case. Teaching your children to keep their hair tied or covered especially when they are outside is also a good way to prepare them. Hats will keep protect their skin from harsh sun rays as well as limit head to head contact with other kids. If you want to get your child screened for lice at summer camp or would like in home lice treatment for lice outbreak, feel free to reach out to us at Lice Troopers in Kendall. We offer 100% guaranteed solutions to your lice problems. Contact us now!