Setting Foot in College? These Head Lice Tips Will Help

If you’re a parent whose child is just about to head-off for college, or are a student Head Lice Tipsyourself who’s getting excited about your upcoming college life, head lice would be the last thing on your mind. Amidst the excitement of enrolling for classes, getting ahold of all the necessary text books and all the accessories for a funky dorm room, have you actually done anything to guard yourself against an infestation of blood-sucking head lice? Probably not. Unlike humans,head lice are non-discriminatory! Students that live in colleges tend to be surrounded by roommates and friends all the time. Hence, the chances of contracting these pesky parasites are always high.Moreover, the likelihood to share stuff and personal possessions is also common – just what head lice need to share hosts and multiply! So, before you start panicking, here are some tips that will help you keep away from head lice in college:

Try To Keep Your Clothes and Laundry Separate

This is the ultimate key to preventing the spread of lice via your clothes – often the most common pathway. Despite the fact that lice cannot survive off the host’s head for more than 24 hours, chances of its spread is still very high. When settling down in your new room with a roommate, it’s best to have different closets and laundry baskets.

Avoid Sharing Things Related To Head and Hair

The CDC states that head lice infestation takes place via head-to-head contact. The best way to prevent it is by not sharing personal items. By that, we mean hats, scarves, coats, pillows, sheets, headphones, hair accessories, brushes and just about anything that comes near your head. Planning to take a selfie with your new roommate? Be careful with the head-to-head contact as it can eventually lead to an infestation.

Extra Careful at the GymBe Extra Careful at the Gym

The gym is one place where men tend to embrace the attitude of “brother from another mother.” Suddenly, friends turn into the best of buddies and start sharing personal items among each other as though it’s for common use. This means that the chances of contracting head lice are highest at the gym. Bring along your own towel and try to keep your belongings secure in your personal locker when away. Unfortunately, if you still happen to contract head lice, all you need to do is seek the professional assistance of lice doctors at a treatment center such as Lice Troopers. Our skillfully trained technicians are more than ready to look after the needs of your family. With centrally located salon clinics and an expedient house call option, we guarantee to make you lice-free, naturally. Call us today at 301-901-6186 to book an appointment.