What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

If you’re a working adult, you probably list “quality sleep” at the top of your priorities—understanding all too well the importance of looking alive at an important meeting. It’s funny, isn’t it? When we’re young, we try our hardest to stay up past midnight—watching cartoons, sneaking out to parties, having sleepovers and just staying up for the heck of it. When we grow up, we’re burdened with a ton of responsibilities that compel us to get an early night—mostly because we have to, but sometimes, because we badly need it. And we know better than to punish our body and mind the following day. Before you know it, sleep becomes a welcome distraction when you’re reading a book or watching TV. You don’t resist its pull, nor protest when it comes unannounced. You simply let it transport you to a place of no worries or anxieties.

Sleeping Serenade

If your everyday routine involves hitting the gym or going on a morning run, you’re probably already familiar with the strong and sudden wave of slumber that consumes you right around 8 pm, when all the world’s still wide awake. It’s the sign of a well-regulated sleeping cycle that helps you maintain energy and get through the day without burning out or feeling less than 100 percent. So, why is it that some of us struggle to fall asleep out of the blue—despite our head hitting the pillow right when it’s supposed to? Here’s what we speculate:

1. You watched a scary movie.

They say when The Exorcist came out in 1973, ambulances would line outside theaters on an emergency call to cater to passed out audience members, traumatized by the sheer terror of the supernatural drama. Yeah, we’re not surprised if you can’t fall asleep because your mental lullaby sounds something like: “The power of Christ compels you!” Next time, go light and stick with a feel-good classic. Maybe something by Nancy Meyers?

2. You’re worried about that thing at work.

A deadline, an angry colleague, a difficult boss, an abysmal raise—who knows what’s bugging that worrisome head after a long day at work! Sprinkle some lavender oil on your satin sheets, put on some soothing music, dim the lights and let the soothing scents and sounds lull you to sleep. There’s nothing to fear…

3. You have an itch you can’t scratch.

An allergy? A rash? A bug bite? Head lice? Before you start going crazy and spend more hours awake, standing in the bathroom, analyzing your scalp—take a deep breath, relax, and schedule an appointment with a reliable lice doctor. We offer pesticide free lice removal service Orlando and Winter Park, including consultation and hair screenings to help you determine if you’ve been bit by the bug. Call us now to speak with our representatives and make sure the only thing keeping you up is the excitement of a beautiful tomorrow!