Quiz Time! What Type of Lice Are You?

Whether you believe it or not, lice are a lot like human beings. We’re not saying that we love to drink blood (don’t worry, we’re not Dracula) and prey on innocent people on a daily basis. But it’s true that lice share a lot of traits with humans when it comes to personality. And while it may be hard to believe, lice do have a persona of their own. That’s why not every critter acts and behaves the same way. If you’re curious about what type of louse you are, then make sure to take this quiz:

The Happy-Go-Lucky One

There’s always that person in our friends’ group that gets excited about…everything. They’re the ray of sunshine, the center of attention everywhere they go. They’re always happy and excited about something. Lice can be like that too. Some lice are always crawling around really fast, looking for an opportunity to show themselves publicly. They’re the reason you get scared of trying out a new hairstyle. They’re the reason you wear a beanie or cap all the time.

The Silent Creatures

Then there are people in our friends’ group that are the opposite of the happy-go-lucky ones. These people aren’t shy by nature; they just prefer to keep to themselves. Occasionally, they’ll chip in an idea or engage in conversation. This surprises you because you sometimes forget they’re there. the silent creatures Lice can be like this too. Silent lice are usually the ones that attack when you least expect it. These are even more “dangerous” than the happy-go-lucky ones. You never know when they might show up. They also lay eggs quickly. These are also lice that are white or light brown in color. They can easily camouflage themselves in the strands of your hair. Watch out for these types!

The Babies/Nymphs

There’s always that one person in the group that’s super adorable and you want to adopt them! They’re the youngest and the cutest. And you can’t get enough of them (not that you want more of head lice!) Nits and nymphs aren’t as strong as adult lice, but they’re also difficult to deal with. It’s easy to get rid of the adult lice but difficult to pick out every nit from every strand of hair. But that’s not impossible for our team at Lice Troopers! With years of experience in the industry, we’ve got all the solutions to your lice woes. Feel free to call us at 800-403-5423 to book an appointment today. We also offer home inspection services, in-home treatments, as well as head lice treatment Kendall and screening services.