Why You Should Be Concerned About Super Lice

If you’re going to be comparing super lice to comic book super-beings, then your best bet is to view this particular type of lice as the super villain that just keeps coming back. No matter what the hero of the story does to prevent the wrong-doings of super lice, there just seems to be no end to their reign of terror. Interestingly enough, the origins of super lice lay in a mutation. According to research, the overexposure of head lice to the insecticides commonly used in head lice removal products ended up helping them develop a resistance to these ingredients. Most individuals, when confronted with head lice, tend to turn to these over the counter shampoos and lotions, which contain pyrethrin, which are plant-derived insecticides, or pyrethroids, their synthetic versions.

Dealing with Super Lice

Super lice are prevalent in the majority of regions in the United States, which also includes Florida. These head lice are much like your average lice outbreak, except for the fact that your pharmacy-brand lice removal shampoo will not work on them. Research conducted by a pesticide toxicologist John Marshall Clark has shown that between two thirds to three quarters of head lice are immune to the pesticides in these drugstore head lice removal products. This means, that all the money being spent on treating super lice with these products is    going to waste, while also doing nothing to help the head lice issue at hand. Don’t get caught into the trap and ever-lasting misery of chemical head lice treatments—they aren’t good for your wallet, or for you or your child’s physical well-being. Instead, go a more natural route by investing in professional lice removal services that do not employ the use of any chemical agents in their treatment process. If you’re located in the Florida region and are in need of a lice clinic to help take care of your head lice problem, then Lice Troopers is certainly your best bet. We also work with schools and summer camps by providing head lice screenings to ensure that attending children are lice-free, and to help curb a lice outbreak before it can spread too far. With safe, organic lice removal treatments, we ensure that all head lice and nits are removed entirely. Not only is our treatment effective, it is also quite the cost-effective investment. If you’re looking to avail our services, give us a call at 800 403 5423 to book an appointment! We also do in-home treatments.