Natural Remedies for Lice Removal: Yay or Nay?

If you’ve had lice and have attempted to remove them at home, then you’ll be well-versed in the art of home remedies for these nasty parasites. It’s a much debated subject, and you’ll find that when it comes to lice removal, natural remedies are best—but natural home remedies are not.

The Oil Method

Whether it’s olive oil or baby oil, this method entails using the oil on the hair, completely coating the scalp with it. This remedy operates on the suffocation method, where the oil supposedly kills the head lice by clogging up their breathing. However, this method doesn’t work. Soon enough, in a matter of days, the lice will be back at it. You’ll be scratching away at your scalp—leaving you to go searching for another treatment that just might work.

Petroleum Jelly

This seems to be yet another widespread home remedy for lice removal, one that’s a whole lot stickier than the rest. The purpose of this is to smother the lice and effectively take care of the problem. However, the lice will not die. They will be back to their usual tricks soon enough, and you’ll be back at square one. Additionally, applying petroleum jelly is easy enough, but removing it? Certainly not a walk in the park. You’ll be feeling it in your hair for days!


Most of these natural remedies revolve around household items, and who doesn’t have mayonnaise lying around at home? It’s popularly used as a hair mask, to make it soft and give it a glossy sheen. But using it for lice removal? Not ideal! It’s been established by now, even through research, that home remedies like these just don’t work. All they do is put lice in a seemingly dead state, but they’re back on the field soon enough!

Heat ‘Em Up

Not exactly natural, but somewhere in the same realm, is using heat to give those pesky head lice a hard time. Some use blow dryers, while others take straighteners and run them straight from root to tip. Don’t do this, folks. This will not kill your lice, it will fry your hair. A little warm air isn’t really going to do much.

The Lice Troopers Method

At Lice Troopers, we make use of natural, organic methods to give our clients a professional lice removal services Plantation they won’t forget. We don’t use any chemicals whatsoever—we know they don’t work. All we use is an organic product that serves to make hair manageable and easier to work with. Then, we use our high-grade specially designed lice combs, and run them through the lice-ridden hair, nit-picking meticulously until the coast is clear. It’s quite the effort, but our technicians are experienced and efficient—you’ll be lice free in no time! We have locations for our head lice clinic Plantation, Weston, and numerous other regions in Florida. Contact us at 800-403-5423 and we can book you an appointment right away!