Would You Prefer – A Bug In The Rug Or Your Prized Roses?

Ignorance is bliss… certainly when you go with your family to a decidedly uncertain food establishment for the first time. Would you really like to know how they prepared the burger your little kid is eating with gusto? Wouldn’t you think how the meat was cut, whether the knife was clean or dirty and how fresh was the meat? In life, we turn the other way when it comes to certain choice situations. However ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to head lice! Just imagine how difficult life would have been if people started taking the problem seriously. Of course lice should be taken seriously as well as its removal yet parents have gross misconceptions about the entire process!

Cleaning and Sanitizing Every Inch of Your Home Won’t Get Rid Of Lice

Doing this will certainly turn your home into an ideal space for resident neat freaks. Will following such extreme lice prevention measures help with lice removal? It will help reduce chances of re-infestation although won’t prove too advantageous unless the real culprit is captured.

More Important To Check and Remove Lice from EACH Head

Where would you most prefer head lice to thrive in – your head or the immediate surrounding? Nobody in their right mind would want this itchy bugger to move on their scalp, feeding on their blood and laying lice eggs every day. People think it’s easier to conduct extreme housecleaning or at least some measure of the deed for lice removal… and honestly believe this will prevent future lice infestations!

A Louse on the Rug Is One less I Have To Worry About

Having to deal with a head lice infestation is one of those things that require a sound mind and reasoning yet everything fails. Basic lice removal treatments are ignored in favor of elaborate schemes that don’t even work – like OTC solutions and products, heat treatments, home remedies and even DIY nit combing.

Listen To The Truth… It Will Set You Free

Parents are more fearful of the idea of someone knowing about their lice-y situation more than the lice itself. Having lice solidifies the feeling of shame and guilt – that you are a lousy parent. Forget what has been told about head lice… follow what your gut tells you. Will dumping an entire bottle of chemical based lice removal solution on your child’s head help? How will you treat yourself? Is it a really good idea to vacuum the entire carpet without first treating all family members for head lice? Not really… take the easy and sensible path by calling Lice Trooper’s lice treatment center Pembroke Pines at 800-403-5423. You are welcome.