Home Made Disaster: Why Home Remedies Can’t Treat Head Lice

Imagine standing before the bathroom sink for hours on end, a trail of combs and hairbrushes lined up on the vanity beside a variety of hair oils and thick-rimmed spectacles. Your faces inches from the bathroom mirror, you lean in a bit closer to take a better look at your scalp, scanning the slim partings between your thick brown hair for any sign of foreign insect life. You’ve tried every remedy—from mayonnaise to hairnets, local hair oils to imported bottles. Come to think of it, in the past 2 weeks, you’ve frequented the local pharmacy so often looking for lice removal products—that the staff knows you by name and you’re pretty sure they know about your lice infestation, too. But you couldn’t care less. You’re on a mission to terminate your head lice. And you’re willing to do it by any means necessary!

Knowing When to Draw the Line

After testing virtually every over-the-counter product in your local drugstore, and trying out pretty much every lice removal home remedy known to Man, you’re likely to grow increasingly frustrated and restless—ultimately raising your arms into the air in surrender and screaming in agony! Enough is enough! We’re living in the 21st century, where technological advancement and progress in science and research has enabled us to find answers to the most complex of problems. So, why is it that we’re still struggling to find a remedy for the world’s oldest bug infestation? The answer to this tormenting question is actually quite simple. Home remedies for lice infestation worked in olden times as temporary antidotes to a raging epidemic. As such, they were based on mild homemade recipes in the absence of credible, scientifically endorsed solutions. Additionally, with the passing of time, head lice underwent genetic mutation and developed immunity to many of the chemical repellant agents found in home remedies and over-the-counter anti-lice products. This is why, to this day, some of them work—but only temporarily—ultimately paving the way for head lice to return and spread its seed, despite the slow pace.

Keep Up With the Times and Find a Modern Solution

Why resort to home remedies and drugstore solutions when there exists a highly credible, non-toxic, pesticide free solution to your lice infestation? Lice Troopers is a professional lice removal company based in Miami, Florida. To date, we have helped countless others like you combat the pestering influence of head lice. Contact us today and get acquainted with the latest in hair care technology!