Remove Nits And Lice Within A Few Hours With Our In-Home Lice Removal Services In Pinecrest

In-home lice removal kits you purchase from the market are pricey and many of the lice anti-lice products are ineffective. Many parents turn to the Internet to find a solution that may or may not work. Some of which suggest slathering mayonnaise on your child’s head in attempt to ‘suffocate’ lice – it’s messy, ineffective and will make you hate mayonnaise! Lice removal doesn’t need to be such a pain nor does it have to be costly. All you need to do to get rid of lice is to make a phone call – yep, that’s all it takes. Quit panicking, pick up your phone and call 800-403-5423 to avail our professional lice removal services. effective lice removalLice Troopers provides lice removal services in Pinecrest. Here’s why you need our in-home lice removal services:
  • We use completely safe, pesticide free products. You have warning labels on OTC anti-lice products because they consist of pesticides. These pesticides are toxic and aren’t meant to be used on people. Leaving anti-lice shampoos/medication on your child’s head for too long will cause the pesticide to seep through their scalp.
  • It’s a cost-effective solution. A single session of our services is all that you need to be lice-free! Only in very extreme cases will you require another session.
  •  We extract the nits! Effective lice removal isn’t about putting the strongest product on to your child’s head. It’s to do with   using the right approach to remove the lice AND nits. Lice reproduce at a ridiculously fast rate. If you leave their nits behind  today, you’ll have a full re-infestation in a matter of weeks, if not days. We make sure we remove each louse and nit from your child’s head.

  Our approach:

We section your child’s hair and gently run through it using hi-tech combs. Our technicians then meticulously screen your child’s head and extract nits and leftover lice. They are trained to do it quickly and efficiently. In just a few hours, your child will be lice-free and ready to go back to school. In addition to providing in-home lice removal services, we even inspect and clean the rest of your home to ensure no lice are wandering around on your bedding and couch – leftover lice make for easy re-infestation! Are you in Pinecrest and ready to get lice-free! Call 800-403-5423 and make an appointment with Lice Troopers pinecrest!