Let’s Get Along: A Parent’s Guide To Dealing With Lice In School

In the times of increasing political turmoil, heated social debates, and a rise in millennial problems, we have to hold on to hope. Support each other, show empathy, and essentially remind ourselves that we should not let anything get between us. Not even lice.

So, About Those Lice…

The topic of lice is considered icky, and people don’t bring it up unless the epidemic is right at their doorsteps. Problem, once it does, nobody knows how to react. There is no protocol, no handy guidebook that can tell people that lice are no big deal. People all over the world get lice, and every day, a child comes home with a new critter companion in his or her head.

Lice And Schools

On that point, we’ll look into the most problematic area of lice—schools. Lice fare well in schools; children are prone to literally putting their heads together when studying and playing out for hours in one place. Now that is completely normal. Children will be children, and lice, in all their fast-crawling glory, will be lice. What’s not normal is how the parents react to it. A single call by the school nurse, is a cue to panic and blame game. It is bad enough that adults can’t handle their children’s little tussles like, well, adults. But to start an angry debate on how the school is irresponsible, and how the so and so parent is not taking care of their child hygiene—really? Lice do not care for the school’s management, the social classes and hygiene levels of the kids, or anything remotely related to societal classifications. Over six million children in the U.S. alone get lice each year, and each of those lice epidemics are simply the result of lice’s living preferences for human scalp and hair.

Relax, You Got This…

If your child comes home with lice, start off by not panicking. You child needs to know that they aren’t dirty because they have lice, and neither are the any of the other kids who have it. Second, NEVER blame other parents. A lice epidemic is frustrating enough without the burden of judgments, and no parent should be blamed for something which is out of their control. Finally, get a lice treatment as soon as possible. Keep your child’s hair tied back and covered, ask them to avoid head-to-head contact with others—and there is no reason to keep them from their studies in school. At Lice Troopers, we offer professional lice removal services. We have a friendly and compassionate team of specialists at our lice clinic Kendall and other nearest areas, who are dedicated to removing every lice and nit in your child’s hair using only pesticide free products. We also conduct lice screenings in schools and camps. Our lice doctors work with discretion, and perform the screenings with meticulousness. Call us today at 800-403-5423 to let us give your child the lice-free, healthy hair they deserve.