CG Heads: Head Lice and The Curly Beauties

Textured hair has had a long struggle with conventional beauty standards for as long as curly hair has been around. For curly heads, it’s a long journey of caring, nurturing and learning to love your own hair and becoming comfortable in your skin. The reward doesn’t come easy. No one walking by just randomly compliments the frizzy mess on top of your head and smiles endearingly at you. For the most part, you have to deal with all kinds of scorns, jokes and condescending remarks that target your textured hair-quality. But it’s only once you manage to master the art of understanding your curls and train yourself to care for them the way they deserve, that people begin to value their unique beauty. Now imagine after going through the struggle of finding the right hair care routine, hunting down products that suit you, and practicing the CG techniques, you find out there’s head lice in your hair!

What’s The CG Method

For all those foreign to the CG-concept, it stands for the Curly Girl Method, which focuses on rehabilitating heat-treated/damaged/colored/virgin textured hair. It’s a strenuous journey which involves eliminating heat styling, combing and shampoos for your hair routine. You wash your hair with only conditioners which are approved by CG rules i.e. mustn’t contain sulfates, silicones and a list of other harmful ingredients. Curly Girl Method A single hair wash with the CG method is a multi-step procedure which involves careful calculation of timing and specific massaging techniques that must be perfected for best results. It’s only after a span of 6-12 months that you begin to see some curl definition in your hair and that’ll be the highlight of your day (even week or month)!

Head Lice in Curly Hair

The only way you’ll be able to see your voluminous hair clump beautifully into thick ringlets is by getting rid of a comb from your hair routine. On the contrary, for anyone who doesn’t follow CG, the first instinct upon feeling an itch in their scalp is to reach for a lice comb. Unlike popular suggestions posted online, CG followers can neither comb out their curls nor burn nits with a flat iron. Especially if results aren’t guaranteed after the first attempt, no curly head will attempt ruining months of CG-effort with their own hands. Lice removal treatments need to be customized for curly hair and offered by professionals who know exactly what to do to get rid of these critters as smoothly as possible. We’re certified lice specialists based in Florida and many other US states. We maintain tried and tested lice removal treatments in our lice clinics and will be happy to cater to clients with textured hair. Contact us right here.