Debunking the Social Stigma Associated with Head Lice

Even though around 12 million children are victims of lice infestations in the US every year, evidence that it is a common occurrence, the social stigma around head lice still prevails. This is due to a lack of awareness regarding the parasite and the reasons for its outbreak. Today, we’re going to debunk the social stigma associated with head lice and put an end to all the lice-shaming, once and for all!

The Root of the Stigma

The reason why being infested with head lice is looked down upon is that back in the 1800s, the Victorians of England considered cleanliness next to godliness. Women of that era made efforts to upkeep their hair because it was a sign of honor. This concept seeped into the States when Europeans traveled to North America and brought their beliefs with them. The irony is that no matter how clean women kept themselves, lice still could invade despite evidence that head lice wasn’t necessarily the result of bad hygiene. However, the truth of the matter is that having head lice doesn’t mean you don’t bathe, and in general prefer cleaner hair. While they don’t vacate dirty scalps, they’d still rather latch on to a shiny scalp. Therefore, associating lice infestation with poor hygiene is an ignorant act.

A Lousy Louse

The belief that hygiene is a decisive factor in whether you’ll get infested or not works the other way around as well. There are some people who believe that if they don’t shampoo their hair and keep their scalp dirty, they can scare away lice. Mind you, lice don’t care about how clean or dirty you are. All they want is human blood; so as long as you have blood running in your veins, these parasites will creep their way through your dirty strands of hair!

Can’t Catch the Cooties!

Some people think that if they can keep their child away from another child who’s infested with head lice, they’ve averted the problem. Many others believe it is only experienced by less fortunate, lower income groups and their children. The truth is very different; head lice are one of the most common infestations in the world and can happen to anybody, irrespective of age, class, or gender. Although younger girls are more vulnerable to the transmission (because they bump heads more than the boys and have longer hair!), the spread is pretty much homogeneous. Lice are just another slice of life that we have to deal with; there shouldn’t be any shame in talking about it or even seeking help. However, if you’re still unable to break out of the shame spiral, we’ve got your back! We, at Lice Troopers, provide hair lice removal services in the comfort of your home across Florida and New York. Our head lice treatment methods are kid-friendly and are carried out by competant lice specialists. Call now to avail our services today!