Better, Faster, Stronger: How Lice Are Fighting Back!

It’s a tale as old as time. It’s the stuff that epics are made of. The age-old story of two rivals: the protagonist and the antagonist. You find yourself rooting for the protagonist who, against all the odds, tries to defeat an ancient evil. Only to succumb to a villain who somehow seems to get stronger each time. Except this isn’t something out of the classics. It’s the story of the human struggle against lice. These tiny parasitic creatures have been evolving to adapt to their environment for over 25 million years. As humans—the host—have changed over the millennia, so too have these pesky intruders who reside on their bodies.

Over-the-counter treatments: effective no more!

While DIY lice treatments have been notoriously hit-or-miss for a long time, there was some consolation in knowing that you could buy an effective treatment from a drugstore nearby. Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore. A recent study found that head lice have become resistant to these anti-lice treatments in about 42 states in the US! Why is this so?

Super Lice

Insecticides permethrin, malathion, and lindane are commonly used in most lice treatment medication and shampoos. However, lice have slowly become immune to these treatments, rendering them ineffective. Head lice underwent genetic mutations to become the dreaded Super Lice we now know and hate. While they live in the scalp and eyebrows, feeding on blood like regular lice, they’re drug-resistant and difficult to kill. This immunity to pyrethroids like permethrin makes Super Lice a formidable enemy.

What makes OTC treatments ineffective?

Coupled with the evolving strength of lice, the lack of effectiveness of chemical treatments is exacerbating the problem. Insecticides have chemical properties that can be dangerous if overused by humans. Thus, they’re often applied in very low dosages. Owing to their narrow safety border, the dosage is usually one percent. This low dosage creates a drug resistance field that the louse take advantage of. There’s a trade-off that most people have to consider: is it better to risk poisoning due to a high dosage of the treatment or live with stubborn Super Lice? Luckily, there’s another alternative.

Call in the professionals

Instead of trying to curb a problem that’s beyond your expertise, call in the professionals who know exactly what to do. Lice Troopers’ expert lice removal services in Miami Beach and Key Biscayne are equipped to deal with all kinds of lice. There’s nothing that we can’t do! Our lice specialists use 100 percent safe, non-toxic, chemical-free products that don’t contain any harmful pesticides. We use the best, state-of-the art techniques and devices to rid your head—and your home—of any traces of lice. Give us a call at 1800-403-5423 and we’ll come to your house discreetly for our expert in-home services. You can also visit our Miami Beach Treatment Center if you’d like!