FAQ: Can The Common Head Louse Fly?

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that Superman? No, folks. It’s neither of those, but pediculus humanus capitis or the incredibly common head louse! C’est impossible…when did lice mutate and gain the ability of flying? The answer may be surprising, in a good way.

Smashing Some Common Misconceptions about Head Lice

This common pest doesn’t cause any serious physical harm, which is the first thing parents should keep in mind. Yes, head lice infestations are the cause of a lot of emotional distress because this menace is difficult to remove. Many people still wrongfully believe that head lice infestations are a sign of poor hygiene, i.e. only dirty children get head lice. This common misconception makes life difficult for parents, creating fear of discovery and bullying among peers. Another ridiculous misconception is that lice have wings and can fly, which explains why infestations take effect so quickly. In fact, there are a number of rumors regarding head lice infestations, all of which plant false information into a parent’s head.

3 Rumors How Lice Infestations Take Place Are…

Myth #1: Head lice have a very long lifespan and can survive for an extended period of time, even underwater! Myth #2: Head lice spread quickly from one person to another because they have wings! The little critter can fly. Myth #3: Head lice have the capability of jumping at extremely high and long distance, very much like a frog. The pest attracts new hosts for feeding in this way.

First Off, None of These Misconceptions Are Even Close to True

Well, what did you think? The common head lice don’t have wings. Unlike roaches, this little pest doesn’t grow wings. Head lice don’t even have back legs! So, how do they spread from person to person so quickly? They crawl really fast and prefer direct head-to-head contact. This means you have a high chance of getting head lice if you rub your head daily with your kid (who also has head lice). What about spread through towels, combs, pillows and other such items? Head lice infestations can take place by sharing items that come into contact with the head if shared with a person who has lice. Don’t believe everything the television or other people say. Make your life easy by listening to expert lice doctors Hollywood. With many lice treatment centers Hollywood, Lice Troopers delivers a cost-effective lice removal solution to parents and camps in the area. Schedule an appointment today!