Personal Hygiene and Head Lice: What’s The Connection?

It’s a common misconception among many that head lice have something to do with personal hygiene. Whenever we hear of someone having caught lice, we immediately rush to assume that they’re unhygienic and unclean. Schools are full of kids that make fun of other kids who have lice. They’re labelled as dirty and unkempt. But what’s the truth? Is there really any connection between personal hygiene and head lice? Let’s find out.

Clean Hair vs. Dirty Hair

The Centers for Disease Control clearly states that head lice are not necessarily related to personal hygiene. In fact, an article in Science Daily stated that head lice are actually more attracted to clean, shiny hair than they are to greasy, dirty strands. So if a person contracts head lice, they may or may not have good hygiene. Lice infestation has more to do with close contact than with hygiene. The most common way through which lice transfer is head to head contact. So whoever comes in close contact with a person who has lice, they’re likely to get it as well. But with that being said…

Personal Hygiene is Important

While hygiene is not an important factor in catching lice, it is crucial for eliminating lice. Once someone actually has contracted head lice, poor hygiene can play a big part in worsening the infestation. It is vital for the person who has head lice to maintain good hygiene. Shampooing with a regular shampoo on its own won’t be enough for eliminating lice completely. Both the live lice and their nits must be carefully eradicated.

Maintaining Cleanliness at Home

If someone in the house has been infested with head lice, there’s a great chance that others living in the same house will get it as well. Children from ages 3-11 are more predisposed to catching lice from school and then passing it on to elder siblings and parents at home. It’s important that cleanliness must be maintained at home to prevent lice from spreading. Thoroughly wash all clothing, bedding stuffed animals, towels, and other fabric items that the infested person has been recently in contact with. Place the items in a hot dryer for a cycle or seal them in a plastic bag to kill all leftover lice or nits.

Get Proper Treatment

To get rid of lice completely, it’s helps to have a professional at hand. If you’re in search of professional lice removal service Kendall, visit our lice clinic for a speedy solution. Our pesticide free lice treatment services will help you get lice-free!