Lice Treatments: Which One Is Effective?

Not very long ago, parents of kids with head lice had three solutions:head lice
  • Harsh, toxic chemical treatments (over the counter),
  • Lice combing method (performed at home),
  • Unverified home remedies such as mayonnaise, tea tree oil and even grease.

OTC Treatments

Over-the-counter and prescription treatments bring a host of health risks, particularly for children. Some OTC lice removal products are proven ineffective as head lice become genetically mutated. These mutated versions of lice are often referred to as “super lice.” However, thanks to the increased awareness, parents are now realizing that these products expose their children to hazardous chemicals that can cause serious health disorders.

Natural Home Remedies

It is the health concerns around OTC head lice products that have caused a growth in popularity of “natural home remedies” for head lice removal. Search for head lice removal solutions and you will come across countless entries about how mayonnaise, tea tree oil, grease, vinegar and even mouth wash help kill lice and nits. Be cautious beforehand. According to the National Associate of School Nurses and CDC, households must understand that there is not enough scientific proof/evidence behind the usage of natural home remedies. Basically, it doesn’t guarantee elimination of head lice. As a matter of fact, a few home remedies tend to be just as hazardous as OTC chemicals. For instance,treatment with mayonnaise calls for kids to cover their heads using a plastic bag while asleep. Needless to say, this solution can also put the child at risk of suffocation. In essence, using natural home remedies doesn’t ensure safety and immunity against any risks.  For instance, The Mayo Clinic cautions the usage of tea tree oil, claiming that it can cause skin problems and inflammation. In severe cases, dryness, eczema, itching, redness and rashes have also resulted. Another problem with natural home remedies is that they don’t kill nits (which are the key to eliminating head lice infestation completely).  A female louse can lay up to 10 eggs a day. These eggs hatch out in 7-10 days and mature into adult lice.

The Best Solution? Professional Lice Professional Lice  CombingCombing

The safest way to kill head lice and nits is switching to the natural lice combing technique. While it may take you hours, and even days to get rid of head lice completely, heading to a lice treatment salon means the job gets done fast. At Lice Troopers, we use a custom-made specialty lice comb (manufactured in Germany) that weeds out lice and nits. Moreover, we use a range of pesticide free lotions, sprays, and hair thickeners to guarantee exceptional results. For appointments, call us at 305-396-3848 or email us with your concerns at .