The Risks of Ignoring Head Lice

Lice are unwanted guests you don’t want invading your home, but if you have young children, there’s a very good chance they’ll come home with lice every once in a while. Your child’s school policies will determine how often lice come through your doors. Because lice infestations are so common amongst young children, parents get overwhelmed and decide to ignore the lice on their children’s heads. It is true that lice don’t have a direct impact on their host’s health but there are some risks you need to consider before you let the critters parade around your child’s head freely. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Lice Multiply Real Fast

All insects multiply at a crazy rate, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that lice do too. After mating once, an adult louse lays up to 7 eggs every day for 17 days. A pair of lice can cause a full head infestation in a little over 2 weeks. When a full head infestation does happen, lice don’t just walk on your child’s head, they’ll make their way on to your kid’s bangs, caps, clothes, scarves—basically anything that comes in contact with their heads. Also after the head is fully infested, don’t be surprised when you see stray louse on your couch, bedding, towels, etc. In a few weeks time, it will become difficult to ignore the lice in your house!

Scalp Infections

Lice don’t carry diseases but if left untreated, they can cause severe rashes and itchiness on the scalp. Kids with fully infested heads are inclined to scratch their heads excessively, which might cause scalp infections. Anemia Lice live off human blood. The longer you let them walk around your child’s heads, the more blood they’ll suck off their scalps. After consistently losing blood to the lice population on their heads, kids can become anemic.

They Spread

If you’re under the impression that the lice will only remain on your child’s head, you couldn’t be more wrong. Lice aren’t satisfied with just one head, they move from one head to the other.Lice Spread People are a lot more forgiving of kids who have lice but this isn’t the same for adults with lice. Having lice on your head as an adult can cause all kinds of social problems. Also you have to understand that while you may be alright with lice staying on your kid’s head, other parents may not be; your child may become an outcast in school and the playground when others realize that their heads are infested. If you have a lice infestation in your house, it’s best to have it treated. Lice Troopers provides professional lice removal services in Coral Gables and Miami. Our services consist of in-home lice removal, camp/school screenings as well as home inspection and cleaning. We also have a lice treatment salon where we use advanced technology and pesticide free products to remove lice.