Lice Eggs—What OTC Anti-Lice Medication Companies Don’t Tell You

As if finding out that you have a lice infestation wasn’t horrifying enough, you’ll be surprised to find out the truth behind over the counter (OTC) anti-lice medications. These facts have remained hidden for so long because the companies who make them don’t want you to know about their harmful side effects and ineffectiveness. Contracting head lice is not the end of the world; it’s actually a fairly common occurrence. Especially with specialized salons like Lice Troopers that offer on-demand head lice removal services, it’s now quite easy and manageable to get rid of this problem. But for someone who isn’t as aware, it can be very easy to buy into the idea that OTC medication works and is the only option. It might seem convenient to reach for OTC medication when you’re panicking, but the dangers of home remedies and OTC medication are quite extreme. Here are a few alarming facts these companies are NOT telling you.

Lice Repellant no more!

OTC medication has been available for purchase and around for a very long time. In fact, it has been around for so long, lice have developed resistance to the chemicals they contain (Pyrethrin and Permethrin). This ineffectiveness makes us think that applying them over and over again will eventually work. Unfortunately, this only ends up damaging the health of our hair. Not only that, exposing yourself or your children to these chemicals time and again can prove to be dangerous, since they’re not FDA approved. lice troopers orlando get rid of lice

Harmful chemicals and more

It’s not just the topical treatments to be leery of, other harmful chemicals like Lindane appear abundantly in medicated shampoos. The CDC has issued warnings to consumers to avoid using this product. Continued use has also been reported to lead to massive health risks. Lice removal needs permanent solutions, and not one that can lead to greater and more serious problems.

What about nits?

While they promise to eradicate lice completely, OTC medication is not very useful when it comes to getting rid of lice eggs, which are known as nits. Nits can be easily confused with dandruff, because they look similar. Any leftover nits not eliminated in treatment can lead to a recurring problem of a new wave of lice infestation, and should be attended to immediately and effectively. The treatment for nits requires a different approach which is available as a  Lice Troopers standard salon experience. To find out more about our services contact us now at 407-893-3940.