In Dire Need Of a Head Lice Control Program At Your School? Follow These Steps!

It seems school nurses and administrators are out to get parents, who forgo an important part of child upbringing. No-nit policies may seem a thorn on the side of parents with lice-infested children but in actuality, nobody wants to see kids lice-free more than their school! Then again, how will schools, daycare centers, summer camps and other educational institutions become completely lice-free? Is there a way of kids to remain in school, despite the threat of lice outbreaks? Setting up a lice control program at your school is the first step towards effective lice prevention!

Lice Control Program – Setting Up an Effective Plan of Action against Lice

A lice control program will be your first line of defense and offense at the school. How? Proper lice screenings will be conducted, which will reduce chances of head lice outbreaks. There are a number of program models that can be implemented but before considering the essentials, come to the basics. What do you want your school’s lice control program to feature? Here Is What to Look For In a Lice Control Program Your lice control program should cover everything related to head lice, i.e. its detection and screening and then prompt notification to parents. Professional lice screening by specialists in Kendall is better than amateur screening by teachers, so hiring a few specialists for the day will be a huge advantage.

Preventing Head Lice by Educating Children and Their Parents

Educating kids about lice prevention is better than screening them for lice and then notifying parents. You want to make sure parents and kids understand the importance of having a clean head! Lice Troopers educated and skilled lice removal specialists aren’t just experienced in lice removal and detection; but educating about lice prevention methods as well. Following are some tips that you can add to your current lice control program:
  •  Don’t share hair combs, brushes, hair accessories, hats or coats with other students
  •  Clean all shared headgear or headphones with rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant
  •  Safe, isolated storage of coats, hats, and scarves should be practiced by all students
Another important point to include in your school’s lice control program is prompt notification to parents and other staff members, as well as recommendation of a good lice removal specialist in their area. Early detection of head lice can prevent loss of school days for children. Enlist the help of Lice Troopers Kendall fantastic lice screening service.