Shocking Facts about Lice That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

The ongoing battle of head lice infestation is a phenomenon that each one of us is a Shocking Facts about Licepart of. From schools to nurseries and households, we are doing whatever is needed to get rid of these parasites. Of course, the idea of a louse lurking on your scalp is enough to give you the itch. These tiny creatures survive by sucking blood from our scalp. Wrongly believing that we know everything about head lice and nits, here are some shocking facts stated below that will leave you appalled and amazed:

Head Lice Causes Itching. Here’s the Real Reason Why

Itchiness is one of the most common and primary symptoms of head lice infestation. And it is widely believed that the itching takes place when the lice dig our scalp to suck blood. On the contrary, the itching is the result of the allergy that actually results from the louse’s saliva, and not the bite. Sounds gross, right?

Head Lice Needs Warmth for Survival

Other than the blood which lice feed on, they also need the warmth for incubation and survival. We all have heard that head lice are commonly found at the rear of the neck and behind the ears. The reason for this is these areas offer the maximum warmth and heat.

Head Lice Sucks Blood Sensibly

That’s right. Instead of randomly sucking blood anywhere in the scalp, the louse looks around for an appropriate nerve. Once found, it breaks into the skin with its pointed mouth and sucks blood. Moreover, the head lice put saliva into the wounded spots which prevents the blood from clotting on the scalp.

A Female Louse Mates Only Once

A female louse mates only once and then retains the sperm in her body, continuing to lay eggs till its last day – no more than 30 days.

Head Lice Cannot Escape the Comb

Super Lice have been taking over the internet lately. These genetically mutated lice tend to be stubborn against all kinds of chemical treatments and solutions. It has been further noted that lice combing – if done effectively by a professional lice doctor – can getout head lice and nits in a safe manner, requiring no chemicals or pesticides. Parents all around the world have tried and tested possibly everything on the market for complete lice removal. However, to date, nothing has guaranteed 100% results other than natural removal of head lice, and that’s just what we do at Lice Troopers. So if you want to become lice free in a hassle-free, chemical-free and worry-free manner, you have come to the right place. At Lice Troopers, we guarantee 100% results without the use of any chemicals, insecticides, or other hazardous substances that can do more harm than good. Give us a call at 305-676-6545 to getlice-free at our Kendall branch.