Lice Infestations and Busy Lifestyles—How We Can Help

It’s 2017, and we are all busier than ever. From climbing the corporate ladder to making it on time to birthday dinners, it’s quite the task to distribute the too few twenty four hours in one day. Work, school, kids, family, friends, love—there seems to be no time at all to stop for a second and smell the roses. You may be so pressed for time you might even be contemplating whether that mystery pain on your right side is worth taking out the hours of your day to go visit a doctor! It’ll probably just go away on its own, am I right?

Lice Don’t Care About Your Busy Schedule

Lice infestations aren’t uncommon, particularly in children of school-going age. It’s all a matter of bad luck, as close contact with someone who has head lice means you’re going to be itching away at your scalp soon enough. While children are more likely to get head lice infestations due to the time they spend in close contact with groups of other school-aged children, it’s not entirely unheard of for adults to get infested either. Once the head lice have a hold on your scalp, then starts the tortuous journey towards getting rid of every trace of them. This can be a tedious, time-consuming process, and as we’ve established before, who has extra time to take care of a parasite problem these days? OTC lice removal products are highly ineffective, and you’ll be back to square one in a matter of days when the lice crop up again. You don’t have time to deal with one infestation, how are you going to keep up with repeat ones? Not to fret though, we have a handy solution for your problem!

We Take Your Lice Troubles Away!

At Lice Troopers, our head lice removal services offer you a fairly efficient and reliable way to eliminate all traces of lice from your or your child’s hair. We offer a clean, kid-friendly space in our head lice removal salons, using only organic products a comb to manually get rid of the little critters. Too busy to make it to the clinic? We do in-home treatments too! This will come as a relief, particularly to parents, who are already swamped with a whole world of responsibilities other than how to get their child back to school nit-free. Our specialists come to you, putting up a discreet front, and take care of your lice problems in no time at all. The treatment has a 100% guarantee, and once it’s done, you’re free to go about your life and tend to other, more important matters! Call us at 1.800.403.5423 to book your appointment! We have head lice removal salons  in Coral Gables, Miami, and a number of other regions in Florida.