Why Your Lice Removal Shampoo Just Won’t Work

It’s a horrifying moment, when that first insatiable itch strikes, and steadily develops into an incessant need to scratch away at your scalp. The realization comes slowly but surely—you have head lice. The proof can come in the form of a stray louse, or a screening by a professional. Or perhaps you’re a parent, who gets the dreaded phone call from the school nurse. Lice infestations are common in schools, you know that, but the reality is just so much worse. However the lice infestation presents itself in your household, you know that what is to follow is not going to be a walk in the park.

A Quick Trip to the Pharmacy

For many individuals, the natural instinct when faced with head lice is to make a pit stop at the local pharmacy and grab the best head lice removal shampoo or lotion on sale. With over the counter head lice removal products, you have a number of options available to you. The active ingredients in these lotions and shampoos include pyrethrum, permethrin, benzyl alcohol, and spinosad, among others. Pyrethrum is a derived from pyrethrins, which are natural insecticides contained within chrysanthemum flowers. On the other hand, permethrin is a synthetic version of pyrethrins. While all these chemicals have a significant impact on head lice when applied to the scalp, they fall short of being a safe, permanent solution to the problem. Not only do they present the risk of allergic reactions and other kinds of harm to one’s health, lice removal pesticides have also declined in terms of their efficacy in treating head lice. This is due to the fact that lice seem to have developed a resistance to them over the years, making these chemicals a highly unappealing option in the long run. If head lice shampoos are out of the picture and so are home remedies, then what is the answer to your head lice problems? A professional lice removal service, of course! At Lice Troopers, we provide our clients with efficient and effective lice removal services that successfully eliminate all traces of head lice and nits from one’s scalp. Our process is entirely safe, using pesticide free products that present no risk of harm to the client. Our lice removal clinics are the perfect kid-friendly spaces that parents need to help treat their children’s inevitable lice infestations. What’s more, we also provide at-home treatments for the convenience and privacy of our clients! Give us a call at 800-403-5423 to book your appointment with us and say goodbye to head lice for a long time.