Head lice. They’re the bugs that get into your hair and never let go. They spread quickly from person to person and leave you itching like crazy. Once you’ve got them, you could try applying a hundred different products only to find yourself still crawling with the bugs and their nits. While not dangerous, lice are a nuisance and a frustration. And unfortunately, they won’t go away on their own.


It's a scary thought to think you might have lice. No one wants the stigma, the fear of passing them to someone else or the hassle of trying to get rid of an infestation. But Lice Troopers is happy to tell you that there’s nothing to fear. Lice removal can be simple, fast, hassle free and totally painless.


Before you get nervous about this parasite, check out these common symptoms. Then, if necessary, schedule a screening.


1. A Sensation of Movement on the Scalp


Lice are tiny insects and once they make their way up a strand of hair, they get ready to make their home on the scalp. As mentioned, these are parasites, which means they require a host in order to survive. In this case, that host is a human. This bug is drawn directly to the scalp where it will live, biting into the skin to draw blood. Thus as they bugs travel around the scalp it is common to experience a sensation of movement or crawling on the scalp.


2. Itching


This is the symptom most commonly with the head louse parasite. As lice bite into the scalp to access the blood beneath the surface, they are frequently causing the host individual to experience an allergic reaction. This is what produces the intense itching. If left untreated the welts can develop into open sores, leading to bacterial infection. But be reminded, head lice do not always produce itching, or it may take a few weeks for this symptom to appear. It is possible to have an infestation without experiencing this symptom, so make sure to look for the other signs as well.


3. Patches of Redness on Scalp, at the Base of the Neck and around Ears


You may also notice redness on and around the head and hair, from very small dots to large patches. This can be a sign of lice bites or the welts that are produced from frequent scratching.


4. Lice Sighting


The adult head louse is about the size of a sesame seed so it is possible that you may even see a bug or two (or more) in the hair. You can see nits too—they are yellowish/whitish in color and will be found attached to the hair shaft. Unlike dandruff and other debris that may be found in the hair, nits do not brush away easily. A lice professional can quickly perform a screening to confirm an infestation.


5. Irritability and Sleeplessness


Young children are particularly prone to these symptoms as they may not be able to verbalize what is bothering them. The itchiness can become so unbearable that children are not able to sleep, which leads to greater irritability. If you suspect that a young child has a case of head lice, schedule a screening immediately.


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