The Universal Traveler: Head lice and Where they Come From

It’s always interesting to reflect on the mysteries of the Universe. What is the purpose of life? What happens when we dream? How did the Universe come into existence? How did Man first catch head lice? Okay — so maybe the last one isn’t always crawling at the back of our minds (pun intended). But the mystery surrounding the origins of head lice is as strange and bewildering as the ancient pyramids of Giza! (Perhaps that’s stretching it a bit, but they’re definitely as old)!

How it All Began (Lice Infestation, Not the Universe…)

According to the Journal of Parasitology (yes, we checked and it’s legit), a research published by the US National Library of Medicine reveals three “clades” of blood-feasting lice that share a common ancestor. The second “clade” originated in North America about 100,000 years ago. With the development of clothing and new modes of transportation and travel, lice found its way to regions as far as Australia and Europe. In the process, body lice underwent mutations, developing claws that could cling to fabric and hair. Lo and behold; humanity witnessed the birth of head lice! (And if that’s not enough reason to believe in evolution, we don’t know what is!)

Head Lice Through the Ages

There’s a reason why people today continue to perpetuate the misguided notion that hair lice can only be found in unkempt hair. The idea seems to be rooted in the historical fact that head lice infestations were common among people of low-income ranks during medieval times. The snotty attitude of wealthy nobles and the aristocracy further associated the condition with poor physical hygiene, which gave birth to a stigma that continues to plague modern society. Without the technological resources to treat lice victims successfully, people tried countless remedies to find a cure — from using various types of hair oils to letting keen-eyed chimps run their fingers through infested hair (hey, someone’s got to do it)!

Introducing the Modern Day Solution

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