Common Misconceptions About Contracting Lice

It’s estimated that around 6 to 12 million lice infestations occur annually. These statistics are enough to send parents all over the world into a tizzy. Although lice aren’t a source of serious physical harm, they cause emotional and mental distress. This is because people believe hundreds of myths regarding lice, what an outbreak entails, and ways to prevent one. Take a look at a few misconceptions about lice, so that the next time you hear the word ‘lice,’ it doesn’t strike fear in your heart.

Lice are a result of poor hygiene

This may be the hardest myth to burst for parents. Mothers lay immense importance on keeping their children’s hair dirt and grime free because they’re under the impression that lice outbreaks can be prevented by doing so. The truth is, head lice don’t discriminate on the basis of how clean or unclean someone’s scalp is. Lice are drawn to heat and food, which is provided by the blood pumping through you and has nothing to do with how clean you are.

Your pets can give you lice

The cats, dogs, or other furry animals in your house deal with pests that are different from the head lice found in human hair. So the next time you’re trying to figure out the cause of your child’s case of lice, you can rule out your pets.

Sandboxes are breeding grounds for lice

A lot of parents believe that dirt and sand are major causes of lice infestation. That’s quite far from the truth, because even if lice crawl into a sandbox, they won’t be able to survive in it long enough to crawl onto your child’s head.

You start itching the minute you get lice

If there was anything that would make lice dangerous to tackle, it would be this myth. Lice infestations don’t have any immediate signs or symptoms. The itching begins when the nits turn into head lice, and that can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. So if you’ve just started itching, know that you encountered nits almost a month ago.

All treatments are sufficient for treating hair lice

Certain products that claim to naturally treat and eliminate head lice aren’t efficient at all. Some of these products aren’t FDA approved and may contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair. It’s important to check with the doctor or a lice removal service before using any such products. If you’re looking for a hair lice removal service in Miami Beach, contact Lice Troopers and avail our expert lice removal services. You can also visit our salon for lice screenings any time.