The Downside To OTC Lice Removal Treatment

It’s never a good day when you get the call from your child’s school saying that your child is infested with lice and cannot return to school until they are lice-free. No matter how common lice are amongst children, they will always cause anxiety and distress amongst parents. The moment your kid walks through the front door with an infested head, you’re very conscious of the fact that the lice can spread to other members of the family, including you! If having lice isn’t embarrassing for kids, it definitely is for adults. In a rush to find a quick solution, you do what most parents do—scream in disbelief, run to your superstore to purchase an OTC lice removal medication and pray for a miracle. Lice-removal medication and shampoos were used to effectively paralyze lice in the past, allowing you to wash them off. After several treatments, the lice were removed. That was then. This is now. OTC lice removal treatments do not work anymore.

The Downside of OTC Lice Removal Treatments

The major ‘con’ of using OTC lice removal treatment is that lice have developed resistance to the primary chemicals (Pyrethrin and Permethrin) in such treatments. Because the treatments are no longer effective, parents resort to using more of the products in attempt to remove the lice. Using it excessively can be dangerous. Secondly, such treatments only kill live lice – not nits. Experts in lice-removal will tell you that the only effective way of removing lice is to pick the nits. You can wash off all the lice you want – it won’t matter when a new batch are ready to hatch. It’s an endless cycle which can only be stopped when you prevent the eggs from hatching.

Professional Lice-Removal Services

Professional lice-removal services will remove lice and nits using advanced technology and products that aren’t available in the market. We at Lice Troopers are very well aware of the misery that lice infestations can cause. Just the idea of critters walking on your child’s head and spreading from one family member to the other is disturbing. Our lice-removing experts will thoroughly comb through your child’s hair to extract each and every lice and nit. We use pesticide free products that are much safer for your child than OTC lice-removal treatments. Our treatment is much more cost-effective; we assure you that in a single treatment, your child will be lice-free. Looking for professional lice removal services Coral Gable, Miami? Book an appointment with Lice Troopers today by calling 1-800-403-5423.