Professional Head Lice Treatments: Why They Rock

It’s rare, for anyone to spend their whole lives without going through a single lice infestation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are up to 12 million cases of lice infestations in the U.S. alone, and the primary sufferers of these infestations are children. And when a lice outbreak does happen, the frustration seems never-ending and unmanageable. We’re here to tell you that lice are not in fact the problem, the treatment you choose is. Since lice epidemics are not your conventional subject for small talk, the stigma surrounding the subject keeps you asking far and wide for good advice, you may end up choosing the wrong course of treatment.

Lice Treatments: What not to do

lice specialistsYou’ll find yourself going to the local store to pick up an over-the-counter lice treatment, one probably recommended by the guy behind the counter. You’ll come home and douse yours or your child’s hair with the bottle’s entire contents. Don’t do it! Yes, it’s the quickest option. But it’s neither effective nor safe. OTC lice treatments are brimming with harmful pesticides, with side effects such as severe skin allergies, respiratory issues and cognitive problems. Another option you’ll look to for lice treatments is home remedies. Problem is, stuff like essential oil and mayonnaise have little effect on adult lice, while the nits survive and stay put.

Successful lice treatments

Head lice are easy to treat without the use of either mayonnaise or toxins. In one short appointment, you can get lice-free and not go through exposure to harsh chemicals. We’re talking about a professional head lice removal, the ideal lice treatment method you’ve been looking for. Not only do the lice specialists use pesticide free, safe hair products, but they are also specialized in combing out ALL lice and nits, something you cannot achieve with OTC treatments or home remedies. A physical treatment is the only thing lice cannot resist to. Plus, a professional lice removal service is actually a discreet option. Lice Troopers offers lice removal services at both their lice centers in Florida, and our specialists also make house calls for the appointment, so that you can have a satisfying lice removal experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Reach out to us today. We offer one-time lice removal appointments as well as home inspection and cleaning services via call at 800-403-5423. When it comes to dealing with lice, we’ve got the tools and expertise you need to give you and your family the perfect solution for ridding yourselves of head lice!