How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally

Just started getting cozier in your life after dealing with a potentially depressing lice situation? Are you sure your head is free of lice? For many of us who’ve had to deal with frequent lice infestations, we’d admit that it can be depressing. You just spend hundreds of dollars on OTC shampoos, crazy looking lice removal gadgets and have also trying to drench your hair in mayonnaise, but they keep coming back, don’t they? Fortunately, going the natural route is the best way to prevent future infestations. Here are a few pesticide free ways to get rid of head lice, for good:

Professional Wet Combing

The best way to get rid of head lice is to comb them out. Wet combing should be done once every three days and up to two weeks after that, until you don’t see any more lice or nits. A conditioner or oil is used while combing to make it easier and smoother.

Sanitize Hairbrushes

Majority of individuals face repeat infestations because they fail to address the lice situation appropriately. They may have wet combed for hours, visibly removed all the lice and done it again. But lice are going to be back if you fail to sanitize your hairbrushes, caps and other items you use on a daily basis. Let hairbrushes sit in rubbing alcohol for at least an hour and machine wash all clothes using high temperature water.

Don’t Forget the House!

Again, if you want to get rid of lice naturally, you just can’t treat their heads and leave out their belongings and their surroundings. Any reliable lice treatment center will advise thoroughly cleaning the floors, furniture, and all parts of your home once you get rid of lice from the head. Vacuuming the floor is necessary for those who are dealing with hair loss and head lice at the same time since fallen hair might have nits attached to them. Is it necessary to quarantine off affected individuals from the rest of the family? Not really. Since lice cannot jump or fly, you wouldn’t get lice just by sitting together at an arm’s length. However, be sure not to share the same clothing, headwear and bedding. If you want a professional lice removal service that employs safe products and experienced specialists, then give us a call. We have family-friendly lice clinics in Florida and Central New York, plus we provide in-home head lice treatment appointments. You can reach out to us at 800-403-5423 to rid yourself of your exasperating head lice in no time.