How To Stop Your Child From Getting Lice This School Year

After a year and a half of staying in, kids deserve to enjoy school this Fall, finally feeling a bit of joy and normalcy. School is a place where kids can experience the joy of being in nature and make new friends. But, students also risk lice infestation if they are not careful! Preventing head lice from spreading to your child may seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually easier than you think. So, how can you keep your child safe from head lice while they’re at School in Miami Beach? We’ll go over what students can do to prevent lice and what you do if your child comes home with head lice anyway(it happens). And of course, we’ll give you some tips for parents to prevent lice—and even reveal how the school itself can play a part! How do students prevent lice? What can your kids do to stop lice from creeping in?
  • Make a List of “No-Share” Items Together
Talk to your child about packing a “No-Share Kit” filled with their own personal items. This way, they can’t share anything without asking for permission first—helping you avoid any lice outbreaks! What should be in this kit? Well, though not common, lice can spread through hair brushes, pillows, headphones, hats, and more! Head-to-head contact may be the more likely culprit to bring about an infestation… But in a School environment, you can never be too careful.
  • Pack a Lice Repellent Spray & Show them how to use it
The key is prevention. Repellant lice sprays have a nice scent that lice happen to hate! Some also leave the hair soft & shiny, like the Lice Troopers Repellant Spray. If your child has long hair, show them how to style it into a tight bun. That way they can fix it after any activity—keeping the lice away!
  • Try to Have Your Kid Avoid Selfies
This is a hard one, so don’t beat yourself up if you find it impossible. We’re talking about a whole Fall of selfies, but if your child is able to put their phone down when they get home from school and shower before bed… They should be able to avoid bringing lice home with them. My child came home from school with head lice… What now? First thing’s first. Don’t worry. You’re not going to die. Get that child (and yourself!) in the shower and shampoo their hair with a lice treatment shampoo shampoo like Lice troopers, then comb through it with a professional nit-comb, checking for any adult lice or nits (eggs). For a step-by-step explanation on how to check for lice, check here. If you can’t seem to get every last louse and nit no matter how long you part and comb (or simply don’t have the time), then you’ll wanna opt for professional treatment. That way, you get immediate peace of mind—knowing that your kid will be lice free in about an hour, guaranteed. I’m sure you’d prefer to avoid the stress of an infestation, though, and we cant exactly expect kids to stay focused on protecting themselves from lice. To them, avoiding lice means playing farther away from their friends & with less exuberance. But kids should be able to relish their childhood! So, what can parents do to prevent head lice in their children’s Schools? They can get to know school lice policies, perform frequent checks themselves at home, and employ prevention products and behaviors. But what about getting the schools themselves involved? Should Schools in Miami Beach check students for lice? school administrators, staff, and counselors work together to create an entertaining and safe environment for our children. How does protecting them from lice play into this? At Lice Troopers, we feel that schooling staff do enough already. So we provide free lice screenings at Schools—offering a discounted treatment to the parents of children in which we find lice. Talk to you child’s school administrators or give us a call at 855-931-2338 and we’ll reach out to the school ourselves!