Subtle Signs Your Child Has Head Lice

Known as the playground scourge, pediculous humanus capitis or more commonly the head lice terrifies parents even more than their monthly credit card payments. Parents in Key Biscayne wait in terror for that day when their kid will come brandishing the dreaded lice note, explaining of an outbreak at school or daycare center. With 6-12 million lice infestations happening every year in the US, such thoughts aren’t misplaced. In fact, parents of school going children must be ready to battle head lice. However, knowing signs of a lice infestation will help you catch the little critters at work much easier!

Signs of Lice – a Harrowing Tale

Head lice may be a common scourge among school-aged children but there are many ways to stop the spread of these irritating critters. One advantage parents have is Lice Troopers Key Biscayne, the first and last hope against lice outbreaks and infestations! Early detection is important… seeing how most parents will try to avoid getting the rest of their family infested as well. However it is often difficult to pinpoint exact time of an infestation even though there are some tell-tale signs signaling towards a lice infestation. Following are some subtle pointers you must look out for if you plan on catching these bugs early in their horrible game. This will also save a lot of time and effort on your part!

A Tickling Feeling – Of Something Crawling In Your Hair

Never ignore your child’s pleas when he or she comes up to you in the middle of the day or night, complaining if something moving in their hair. Lice are nocturnal creatures which mean their activity increases during nighttime. A near constant tickling feeling also brings other lice infestation symptoms to the forefront… such as trouble sleeping at night and constant itching. Some other signs of lice are:
  1. Irritability
  2. Red bumps on your head
  3. Sores that develop from scratching
  4. The appearance of small white dandruff like objects i.e. lice eggs
Although lice doesn’t fly jump (like fleas), these critters can spread easily through direct head to head contact. The best preventative measure parents can follow is ensuring kids don’t share their combs, brushes, towels, hats, or pillows with others. Lice can go away with diligence but the real battle is making sure the pests doesn’t come back to haunt you! Book an appointment at the pesticide free and effective lice treatment center Lice Troopers today!