Can Home Remedies Really Get Rid of Lice?

Let’s admit it; we have all been a victim of home remedies for lice removal. At least once in our life, we have poured a bottle of coke or vinegar on our heads to magically cure our problems: those pesky, annoying uninvited guests. It’s in our nature to get attracted to things labeled pesticide free or no chemical, but are you damaging your hair by following these remedies? Not convinced? Let’s take a look at the impacts these remedies have on your hair.


Yes, there are still some people who practice this method! Kerosene is a flammable substance and will not only burn the lice hiding inside your mane, but also your scalp. Many burn cases have been reported by people who’ve tried this at home.


People who are allergic to certain types of food may also be allergic to vinegar. Though it is not a major allergen, its frequent use may lead to an allergic reaction. Moreover, the steroid based preservative added in vinegar may cause a sulfite reaction. People who are older than 50 or have respiratory problems are prone to it. Lice cause itching; this leads to cuts and scraped skin. When you apply vinegar to these exposed scrapes, you may cause a chemical reaction, resulting in scalp irritation. Lastly, vinegar acts as a drying agent. If not used in the right proportion, you would be doing more harm to your hair than the lice.


Don’t be fooled by the mayonnaise lice removal therapy. Your goal should be to remove lice from your scalp not hair—unless of course you want a permanent fix for hair lice. Mayonnaise that you eat contains chemical such as Potassium Sorbate and Calcium Disodium. The constant use of these chemical can cause; allergic reactions, DNA damaging activity, asthma attack and skin rash. The decision to subject your sensitive scalp skin with these harsh ingredients is yours.

Over the Counter Treatment (OTC)

The contingency plan for lice removal is to grab an OTC, apply it 2-3 times and pray. In this process, you forget that lice have evolved and become immune to these methods. The most tried and tested and side-effect-free way is natural nit picking. The best head lice removal service provider is  Lice Troopers Winter Park. They provide wide range of services and attractive packages for your lice removal needs.