Living with Lice: 3 Things You Should Do To Keep From Scratching

Let’s face it, scratching your hair incessantly in public is kind of like picking your nose—it’s uncomfortable, it’s unhygienic and most importantly: it forms a seriously bad impression.

It’s not so much the act of scratching your head that bothers people; it’s the undeniable association between satisfying an itch that’s generally caused by a little thing known as head lice. If you’re one of the unfortunate victims of a lice infestation, you better master the skill of running your fingers through your hair oh-so-casually—discretely scratching to your heart’s content as innocent passersby mistake your insatiable itch for a charming affectation.

In all likelihood, however, you will probably have to work hard to resist the temptation to scratch. The best way to overcome the crisis is to look for an effective lice removal treatment. But until you can find one, follow these tips to keep from scratching in public and raising suspicion!

1. Tie Your Hair or Wear a Cap.

Not only will this allow you to successfully conceal the presence of lice and nits, but block the entry of wind to provoke an itch.

2. Dye Your Hair.

The strong chemicals in the hair-dye will kill most of your lice and nits, temporarily putting you at ease until you seek professional lice treatment. But don’t rely on this as your sole means of lice removal or you’ll soon find yourself with a re-infestation.

3. Keep Your Hands Busy.

Sewing, typing, eating or sketching—keep those fingers busy and resist giving in. After a few minutes of withholding the impulse, you’ll feel the intensity of the itch fade away.

These tips will definitely work for a while, but they won’t offer a long-term solution to a pestering invasion. For a more practical solution, opt for a scientifically endorsed, pesticide free treatment that focuses on delivering instant results as opposed to delaying the process.

For far too long, anti-lice treatments have revolved around obsolete remedies and age-old myths that, rather than resolving the issue, ends up perpetuating the stigma around it.

Lice Troopers is a professional lice removal company, offering reliable, pesticide free, non-toxic solutions. With our advanced treatment from qualified hair experts, we cater to each client individually, taking into account his or her medical history and hair type.

A case of head lice is no laughing matter and instead of waiting for an unfortunate encounter with it, you should do what you can to avoid catching it in the first place!

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