What Makes You More Susceptible to Lice Infestations?

Let’s get this out of the way: it’s not about what type of hair you have. Your susceptibility to lice infestations has more to do with the condition and style of your hair. But even this is just one factor among many. Let’s go into the details.

Hair Types and Lice—a Discussion

Lice Troopers covered hair types and lice outbreaks last year. We talked about the fact that certain hair types don’t automatically make you vulnerable to lice. In fact, this is a misconception that was debunked by professional lice doctors many years ago. You could have any type of hair; wavy or straight, short or long. As long as your follicles are attached to a healthy scalp, lice will infest it. As such, you can’t really put the blame on your locks.

Why Do You Get Re-Infestations?

It could be because you really didn’t get rid of the lice completely the first time around! Remember that lice are the size of a quarter of a matchstick head, even smaller. And nits are even smaller. In comparison, your head is like a small town. And there are plenty of spaces to hide. While you might have thought yourself rid of lice, they could’ve just hidden well. Furthermore, the lice treatment you used might not have been effective either. After all, it’s common knowledge that chemical-based lice treatments don’t work as well as they used to. And home remedies aren’t exactly the ideal solution to lice problems. As such, the cause could have been that you were not adequately treated. And given that you could still be exposed to lice, the infestation will just reoccur.

Dispelling Hair Type Myths

The misconception that curly hair or kinky hair is more susceptible to lice has no basis in theory or in practical terms. On the contrary, it’s harder for lice to infest such hair because it’s difficult for them to move around. So if you think about it, people with tight curly hair have a much easier time handling a lice infestation if one does occur.

Getting the Right Treatment

Despite not having lice at the moment, there’s no reason why you can’t prepare for the time when you or other family members could. Lice Troopers in Pembroke Pines, FL can help! A leading professional lice removal service, we can help you keep your hair lice free for longer. For further information on lice, book a consultation. There’s so much to learn!