Things We’ve All Heard Before & After Contracting Head Lice

They say that ignorance is bliss. But this isn’t true in the case of head lice! If you ignore the problem, it worsens. And it also leads to social alienation. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught with a brown, sesame seed-sized critter hanging by the strands of your head, clinging onto dear life. There are plenty of misconceptions about head lice that can make life tough for lice victims. And when people have something to say, it can quickly turn into an awkward and embarrassing experience. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common things we’ve all heard, thanks to head lice:

“Eww. Don’t Come Near Me!” – Every Elementary School Kid, Ever

If you think high school is worse, elementary school will make you think again. Kids are known for their brutal honesty. And when it comes to head lice, they don’t shy away from pointing things out. If you’ve ever contracted head lice during elementary school, you know just how brutal kids can be when it comes to not wanting to be friends.

“Don’t You Wash Your Hair?” – Every Friend or Colleague, Ever

“OMG, don’t you shampoo your hair?” and “You should shampoo your hair every day” is what you’ve heard loved ones say numerous times. But if only it were that easy! If only you could use a magic shampoo that would get rid of lice in just one wash. Lice don’t have a preference when it comes to victims. They love all kinds of people—old, young, male, female, etc. This is also true when it comes to personal hygiene. Lice don’t care if about hygiene. In fact, if anything, clean hair makes it easier for them to move around!

“We Can’t Be Friends if You’ve Got Lice” – Every School Friend, Ever

Well, tough luck! Being the kid with lice was already tough. But when friends tell you they no longer want to be friends, then it gets tougher. So you decided on one thing: you would never be friends with someone who wouldn’t accept all your flaws—and your troubles with head lice.

What You Can Do If You’ve Got Lice

Living with head lice isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can’t do about it. Skip out on the home remedies and OTC products and head down to Lice Troopers! We are a leading lice removal service in Kendall that has the answers to all your prayers. We use natural products to remove head lice within one treatment. We also offer home inspection services, in-home treatments, as well as head lice screening services. Feel free to call us at 800-403-5423 to book an appointment today!