The Problems with Revoking the “No Nits” Policy in Schools

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding whether it’s fair to force kids to miss out on school for having lice and nits. In many schools across the country the old “No Nits” policy has been revoked on the grounds that it’s not right for kids to be barred from coming to school for having lice because they don’t pose any direct dangers to those around them. The schools claim that lice do not carry diseases therefore they don’t affect the well-being of other students. It is true that lice do not carry diseases but to say that they don’t affect the well-being of others isn’t entirely factual. Parents who don’t feel the need to clean their child’s head are exposing them to health risks in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the problems with revoking the “No Nits” policy in schools:

1.Frequent Infestations

Unless parents are pressured to clean their child’s head, the rest of the kids and teachers in school are left unprotected. It leads to frequents infestations of children/parents who are uncomfortable with the idea of hosting parasites on their heads.


It only takes a single child with lice to infest the rest of the school. Lice aren’t content with just one head, they walk from one head to another. They have quick life cycles; in within a 2 weeks, a baby lice can grow into an adult that lays over 110 nits (eggs) after mating just once! Some schools that revoked the “no nits” policy, have chosen not to inform other parents that they found lice on a student’s head. As a result, the other students and adults in the school have no way of knowing that they are unprotected and at risk of catching lice. If you let lice live on your child’s head, you could be the cause of a city-wide lice outbreak.

3.Emotional Stress

Just because lice don’t lead to any immediate physical health issues, that doesn’t mean they don’t affect emotional health. Lice infestations lead to emotional stress; most kids and adults do not want to host lice on their heads and are traumatized by the sight of them. They may not hurt you but they are gross! Also, don’t be surprised if the other the kids choose to stay away from an infested student; when lice stay on a head for long enough, they will be visible for others to see.

4.Financial Stress

Emotional Stress - Head lice treatment Frequent infestations means frequent need for treatment. Let’s be honest, most parents aren’t alright with child’s head being infested which means they’ll take the time off work (if needed) and invest in treatments. If one infested child causes regular infestations in other children, other parents can be burdened with financial stress. Don’t be burdened with lice, do the right thing and give Lice Troopers a call! Lice Troopers provides pesticide free professional lice removal services. Our services include head lice removal at home, home inspections and cleaning and camp & school screening. You can also book an appointment at our lice treatment salons where we use advanced technology to ensure every nit and louse is removed. Call 1.800.403.5423 for appointments.