Social Stigma Surrounding Head-Scratchers

It’s known that lice don’t present any immediate dangers to their host. They don’t carry bacteria and nor do they cause diseases. However, despite being free of diseases, there still is huge stigma around those that have lice. There’s an “irk factor” associated with lice that keeps people away from those that are infested. A kid may be able to get away with it but for adults it’s a very different story; people are very unforgiving of adults who let parasites feed off their scalp. Let’s take a look at why there’s so much stigma surrounding lice:

Lice and Hygiene

In the Victorian era, cleanliness was associated with Godliness. A woman’s hair was her pride and glory; they would spend hours gently brushing it with essential oils and perfumes to promote healthy hair. The wealthy believed that that keeping their healthy and clean will keep the lice away. In fact, many presumed that lice only infested the poor—a myth that exists even today. To make sure they stayed lice-free, the affluent Victorians visited “bathhouses” where they were cleaned from head-to-toe. They assumed that as long as they maintained hygiene, they won’t be infested with lice.

Clean or Dirty Hair, Lice Don’t Care!

Even today people link lice to the lack of hygiene but the truth is that lice don’t care if you’re clean or dirty, if you have hair on your head, they will walk onto it when given the chance. Lice only need food and shelter to survive. They get protection from hair strands and food from our scalp so as long as you have hair, your head can host lice.

The Shame that Comes with Lice

A few years back Jenifer Garner discussed her kid’s lice infestation on late night TV. The actress spoke about her kids coming home with a note from school saying they had lice. She went onto say that she took the risk of attending a Hollywood event with her hair doused in anti-lice medication! Infestation That Has Gone Unchecked It’s rare that a celebrity of Garner’s stature would confess to being infested with lice on national TV but she did so without any infestation. At the end of the day, Garner is just like any other parent doing her best to raise kids. Parents are embarrassed by their kids having lice; many feel responsible for their kid’s infestations. Parents and kids need to understand that lice infestations are common. There is little you can do to make sure you don’t catch lice however there are effective treatments available to clear your head in case you do happen to catch them. Professional lice removal services can have your heads lice-free within a couple of hours. Did your kids catch lice? There’s no need to panic, just give Lice Troopers a call! Lice Troopers offer professional lice removal services across the country. Our services consist of in-home lice removal, home inspections and cleaning and camp & school screenings. You can also book an appointment at our lice treatment salons where we use advanced technology and pesticide free products to make sure your heads are completely clear or lice and nits. Call 1.800.403.5423 for appointments.