Real Hair, Real Solutions: Why Pesticide Free Lice Removal Treatment Works Better

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’re all healthy people and our struggle with lice infestation has not made us bald…yet. With that in mind, suffering from the effects of head lice has its disadvantages—one that plays a bigger role in our lives. The disadvantages—other than being treated as a member of Team Rocket—mean that you take the chemical approach, with “desperate times, desperate measures” as a label attached.
  • Chemicals are Toxic for You

It’s understandable you’re tired of trying everything and just want to get rid of the problem. However, even if you manage to get rid of the bugs, you’ll still face problems with the nits. Nits are like telemarketers. They’re persistent, stubborn and come at you with the same frequency.  But dumping products that are rich in chemicals into your hair has no effect on the little critters but it does damage your scalp. Lice: 1, you: 0.
  • Be Bold, Not Bald

Sometimes you have to place yourself in Rapunzel’s shoes. What would she have done when faced with lice infestation? Shaving your head is not a permanent solution, only a temporary one. Be like Rapunzel—not the witch in the story.
  • Don’t Go for DIY Remedies  

It’s understandable that desperation can lead to taking some really weird tactics. However, the online DIY blogs that promise to deliver but don’t really have any results, are nothing more than experiments, with little proof and backing. Adding mayonnaise to your hair does not remove lice, it makes your hair greasier, prompting the little critters to stick to the strands of your hair. Lice combs found in departmental stores are regular combs that take out the bugs but not the eggs. What’s the point when they’re going to hatch again? So…what is the solution?
  • Professional Lice Removal Services

That’s the simple answer to a difficult question. Go for a professional consultation and get rid of lice Hollywood FL permanently. At Lice Troopers, we make sure to take care of the situation without damaging your hair. Our experts are trained and certified professionals who know how to tackle the minutest of problems when it comes to lice. Unlike departmental store products, we won’t do a louse-y job. If you’re looking for lice treatment services Hollywood FL, reach out to us today or call 754-206-6290 for further details.