Least Known Facts about Head Lice

Let’s talk about head lice. We don’t often talk about this disgusting and cringe-worthy subject which is why so many people are unaware of how to treat this scourge! Not acknowledging head lice won’t get you anywhere… In fact, your kids will be the first to succumb to head lice and guess who will spend weeks in stress and anxiety? Here’re some lesser known facts about head lice that every parent should know about:

Head Lice Is Different From Body and Pubic Lice

Pediculus humanus capitis or head lice aren’t the one and only bug people have to worry about. Pubic and body louse are two other bugs that can happen – with separate consequences! Pubic and body lice like the head variety cannot be given to anyone else. Additionally, as the name suggests pubic lice are found on the coarse and wiry hairs of our nether regions.

Lice Don’t Prefer Men’s Scalps Too Much

Out of the 6-12 million people who succumb to head lice every year in the USA, only a few happen to men. Children are the most common victims followed by women and people in direct child care-giving roles. Why is this? One theory is that lice don’t like testosterone all that much but this fact isn’t verified.

Poor Sleep Is Also a Symptom of Head Lice

Head lice are nocturnal creatures. This is the reason why head lice avoid light and are most active at night! Increased lice activity causes extreme itchiness which keeps people awake during late hours of the night. Tickling and itching sets of incessant scratching may develop irritation or sores. Head lice itch at the nape of the neck and behind the ears so be sure to inspect these areas as well.

Lice Are Wingless Parasites

That is right. Contrary to popular belief head lice cannot fly because these creatures don’t have wings. Lice also cannot jump high on people’s heads! What they can do is crawl really fast on the scalp. In fact, lice are opportunists… crawling to another person’s head if infestation gets out of control with no space left for existing lice. Direct head to head contact is the reason how lice spreads.

Lice Infestations Don’t Result From Poor Hygiene

There is a common misconception about head lice and hygiene that also shames parents whose kids have lice. It is thought that dirty children who don’t shower succumb to this pest. However cleanliness has nothing to do with spread of head lice. In fact, lice prefer clean hair as their living space isn’t clogged with dirt and oil. Treating head lice should be the biggest concern as a parent. Are you looking for an easy, pesticide free and effective way to treating head lice? Head to Lice Troopers lice treatment center Miami Beach today!