An Itchy History: Tackling Lice Through The Years

Lice and men go back a long way in history. These little parasites probably emerged on the face of the earth around 1.7 million years ago, before the appearance of the Homo Sapiens, and became their constant companions around the same time the modern human species evolved from chimpanzees. Let’s walk you through a brief history of head lice and their treatments.

Ancient History

Head lice have been giving men itchy scalps for many centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians (3,100-332 BC) were not spared. We know this because interestingly enough, among the myriad ancient relics, mummies, and resplendent tombs discovered, archaeologists also uncovered several remedies used by Egyptians to get rid of lice. For instance, they would consume a warm concoction of date meal and water and then spit it out. In case of an infestation, the Egyptian priests would shave their entire body. How could lice survive on a hairless body? Ancient combs with head lice clung on them were also dug up in some parts of Israel. During an archeological excavation in northeast Brazil, the oldest known nits were discovered on the head of a corpse believed to be about 10,000 years old.

Middle Ages

Notwithstanding the attempts made by the ancient Egyptians to put an end to the menace of head lice, these pesky little beasts stayed put throughout the Middle Ages. To make matters worse, they didn’t even discriminate between peasantry and royalty. One of the two 1,000-year old mummified corpses discovered in Peru in the year 2008 had 407 lice on its head while the other sported a staggering 545. The Aztecs too, are reported to have used leaves of the honey mesquite plant to rid themselves of head lice. Some early 19th century U.S. artifacts discovered in Front Crawford, Wisconsin also, surprisingly include a bone lice comb.

The Twentieth Century

Head lice fed and bred in huge numbers in the ghastly ditches of World War II. However, this was one of the rarest of occasions where head lice did not pose a threat. This was because during the war, a potent pesticide was commonly used to eliminate malaria-causing mosquitoes. This mosquito repellant happened to keep head lice at bay too. But this was never a long-term solution, because the pesticide was made of harsh chemicals and was highly toxic.


There was a spike in the usage of household items such as garlic, mayonnaise, Vaseline, baby oil and gasoline to treat head lice.

The Twenty-first Century

With the advent of professional head lice removal services, the world witnessed a movement of head lice treatment from the mundane kitchen cabinet to the modern technological advances that offer safe and pain-free methods to cure head lice quickly. Although head lice do not carry diseases and are medically harmless, they can still be a nuisance as they can infest an entire family or a classroom in a matter of days. If you suspect an onslaught of head lice at home or at school, you might want to consider Lice Troopers’ effective and scientifically proven treatment with 100% money-back guarantee. Call our hotline: 1.800.403.5423 and get lice-free today!